KU Mental Health Research and Application Laboratory mainly focuses on individuals’ mental health problems, suicide, trauma, immigrant health, emotion regulation, and substance misuse.

Our primary research goals are to investigate risk and protective factors associated with these mental health problems, to design and implement prevention programs and strength-based interventions. Our research team includes scholars and researchers who specialize in public health and different psychology branches, such as health, social, family, and developmental psychology.

Our Vision

Common mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, and trauma-related conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, suicide, and substance misuse should be investigated from a multidisciplinary perspective. Ultimately, future scientific studies should be informed about these issues. We should advance the evidence-based research and applications to raise public awareness on mental health and well-being and inform practitioners and policymakers for the betterment of the community and individual mental health.

Our Mission

The heart of our mission is to improve mental health and well-being through scientific research. To achieve this, we research public health issues such as suicide, substance misuse, trauma, and other subjects (stigma, immigration, etc.) that create psychological distress. We collaborate with many stakeholders, mental health professionals, and researchers outside of our lab. We believe that research is the key to make a high impact on clinical practice and policy. Key points of our mission:

Facilitate research and contribute to scientific knowledge to improve mental health and well-being.

Train skilled researchers.

Diminish the gap between research and practice.

Raise awareness of mental health from a public health perspective.